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Hubei·Shiyan A+ Nature Kindergarten

City: Hubei, China
Type:Architectural design,Landscape Design,所有项目

The newly built kindergarten is located in Shiyan, Hubei. It is an educational complex of high-end children's natural education and character growth. This building is also a large-scale school that can accommodate a large number of kindergarten students. The building covers an area of 6,000 square meters. The use of the campus façade to restore a basic and pure state, simplifying and simplifying, let light narrative in space. Guide children to shuttle between light and shadow, and experience the dialogue between time and space. The campus contains classrooms, lunch rooms, multi-purpose rooms, bedrooms, children's restaurants and offices, which meet the daily activities of children.

The school adheres to the concept of naturalistic education, pays attention to children's mental health, character growth education, conforms to children's natural nature, develops potential, and enables the Ten Commandments to improve the pattern and get out of the world. The designer hopes that the children's entry will make the campus more diverse. ——"From nature, naturally," Deca uses visual language to outline the cognitive space for children.

With more and more “luxury”, the learning environment in which children are living has a growing “burden”. The designer began to think, at this time, should I do a "subtraction"? Therefore, the designer decided to build space from simple functions by functioning from the function. Help the children find some lost beauty between the dots.

The large-scale installation with dramatic space effect is the iconic entrance of the whole kindergarten. The children on the square are introduced into the interior of the installation. The pure white exterior wall gives a simple atmosphere and a fresh and bright feeling. The campus building is shaped from the body. Different scales and other forms of dialogue with the surrounding environment, The fun of China's early childhood education market is all the way forward.

The school encourages children to explore the fun and let the children feel the value of art and education while resting and playing. The use of no partitions breaks the spatial closure, restores the freedom of space, and maximizes the care relationship. The outside scenery is also a moving face painting for the children on the corridor.

Starting from the children's activities, the design incorporates a large number of outdoor platforms, corridors and other elements. The designer designs outdoor venues for children to shelter from the wind and rain. Breaking the routine, making the space as coherent as possible in the functional arrangement. The gallery is also a piece of installation art. The children walk through it, play and chase, and travel between the stairs.

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