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Heyu International Childhood Enlightenment Center

City: LuoYang HeNan
Type:Interior design,所有项目

The Yuwen Enlightenment Center was founded by two returnees who returned to China to entrust with Decca. This popular enlightenment center for young children caters to the growing needs of the community for enlightening children and also creates a colorful environment for the community. The active civic life atmosphere and building appearance also match the developing community environment. For those children who first left their homes, in order to better adapt them to unfamiliar circumstances, the children’s space was designed with the concept of “home”, and a series of interesting, lively and vivid space forms were given space. in.

Re-plan the space on the scale of children, think from the perspective of children, and give children exclusive space instead of the figurative decoration world that many adults think children like. The designer has tried his best to create a new world that children are willing to explore and stay in. If this world is not beautiful enough, let us create a new one. Behind the indifferent, hard and monotonous commercial facade is a warm, soft and rich child enlightenment center.

As soon as you enter the center of enlightenment, you will be amazed. What you see is the spiral staircase of natural wood color like a diamond cut surface, which is integrated with the wooden floor on the ground. The dynamic staircase, the long slide, the high guard rail and the pile The play area full of ocean balls all shows the warmth of family. Through the design language, these originally abstract and highly artistic resonances are presented in the space one by one, and the children's preferences are subtly integrated into it without losing style.

The repetitive arc elements in the woodwork and the structure with irregular line design also give new connotations and evoke the strong geometric beauty of space art. The design should integrate multiple functions, such as transforming a small private space into a large public functional space. The flexible space organization not only meets the functional needs, but from a large perspective, a small "playground" is Can stimulate and encourage children to go out and explore the outside world.

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