迪卡建筑设计中心由王俊宝创立于2006年,由一群具有乌托邦精神的艺术家、建筑师、室内设计师、品牌设计师、景观设计师组成,专注教育空间的设计与实践。 十年来理想不断生根发芽,作品一件件应运而生,迪卡建筑设计中心让教育与空间对话。专注中国教育空间,致力打造具有国际视野的幼儿园与学校,助力我国教育事业的发展,公司始终秉承“一笔一画一世界,一园一品一理想”的设计理念。 团队现拥有60多名海内外优秀设计师,分别由美国、德国、英国、日本、荷兰、丹麦、留学归国高材生组建而成,设计作品先后获得国内外重要赛事大奖,并获得海内外媒体的广泛关注与报道。


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Founded by Wang Junbao in 2006, AKA architectural design center is composed of a group of Utopian artists, architects, interior designers, brand designers and landscape designers, focusing on the design and practice of educational space. Over the past decade, ideals have been taking root and sprouting, and works have emerged one by one. AKA architectural design center makes education and space dialogue. Focusing on China's education space, the company is committed to creating kindergartens and schools with international vision to help the development of China's education. The company always adheres to the design concept of "one stroke, one painting, one world, one garden, one product and one ideal". The team now has more than 60 excellent designers at home and abroad, which are respectively formed by the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, the Netherlands, Denmark and returned students. Their design works have won major competition awards at home and abroad, and won extensive attention and reports from the media at home and abroad.

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